Umpire Clinic

If you are interested.  Call Doug at 863-287-7673.

About Umpiring

Being an Umpire

Aside from calling ball or strike, safe or out, umpires are responsible for teaching players good sportsmanship and the rules of the game. Umpires are also called upon to interpret rules and help settle minor disputes that may occur during games.

Most Little League games have one home plate umpire and a minimum of one field umpire. Before becoming an umpire you may be required to participate in training sessions and seminars.  The minimum age to be a field umpire is 15.  We encourage our teenage umpires to volunteer; it's a great way to complete your high school community service hours.

If you would like to become an umpire or have any questions, please contact Doug Durling at 863-287-7673 or email [email protected]

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